Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) connects and protects people and the data they use throughout the enterprise network – all with the greatest efficiency, availability and security. Trusted by thousands of customers around the world, Forcepoint network security solutions enable businesses, government agencies and other organizations to address critical issues efficiently and economically.

Forcepoint network security solutions are seamlessly and centrally managed, whether physical, virtual or in the cloud. Administrators can deploy, monitor and update thousands of firewalls, VPNs and IPSs in minutes, all from a single console – cutting network operating expenses by as much as 50%. Advanced clustering for firewalls and networks eliminates downtime, and administrators can rapidly map business processes into strong, accurate controls to block advanced attacks, prevent data theft and properly manage encrypted traffic – all without compromising performance.



Zero-Touch Deployment

Save time and money by deploying Forcepoint NGFW to remote offices and branch locations without an on-site technician. Devices can automatically download their initial configuration from Forcepoint’s Installation Cloud, eliminating the need for manual set up.

Smart Policies, 1-Click Updates

Forcepoint’s Smart Policies express your business processes in familiar terms such as: users, applications, locations and more. Easy grouping replaces hardcoded values, enabling policies to be dynamically reused throughout your network. Administrators can quickly update and publish policies to all affected firewalls, globally and with a single click.


Faster Incident Response

Forcepoint SMC makes it easy to visualize and analyze what’s happening throughout your network. Network admins can interactively drill into the corresponding data to rapidly investigate patterns and anomalies and turn insights into immediate actions.


Protection of Mission-critical Apps

Forcepoint NGFW comes with the ability to provide proxybased protection with full inspection of traffic for missioncritical applications that communicate over encrypted HTTPS connections. This technology originates from our Sidewinder firewalls that are depended upon in many of the most sensitive networks on the planet. It extends our unique proxy capabilities even further, giving admins the ability to control HTTPS traffic, allowing or blocking particular URLs or types of HTTPS requests.


Endpoint Whitelisting and Blacklisting

Application Control Endpoint Context Agent provides whitelisting and blacklisting of client applications running on hosts and end user devices. For example, it would allow administrators to specify the browsers and their versions that may or may not access the internet. This provides more granular controls that can be customized to the business needs and security posture of the organization.

Consolidated Security – Integrated URL Filtering

Forcepoint NGFW provides a fast, flexible way to enforce web access policies for compliance and block access to phishing sites, as well as malicious or undesirable content. Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence cloud service provides an extensive, continually updated