IBM has been disrupting the datacenter field recently with the industry’s most Powerful server. In December of 2017, the company’s POWER9 platforms hit the market with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Later this year at Red Hat summit, IBM and Red Hat announced a partnership to extend IBM Cloud to Red Hat's OpenShift Container Platform and Certified Containers. These were all significant, but perhaps the biggest bang of all is the delivery of IBM and Nutanix hyperconverged platforms based on IBM’s POWER platform. So, what exactly is this, and what does it mean? By partnering with Nutanix, IBM is greatly simplifying the deployment, management, and maintenance of its POWER platforms and the workloads that run on them.

If you are running IBM Power Systems, you are already benefiting from servers built for the most demanding, data-intensive computing on earth, with industry leading reliability and security. IBM Hyperconverged Systems combine these benefits with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform software to provide a software-defined infrastructure that is easy to manage and simple to scale. IBM Hyperconverged Systems combined with Nutanix Web-Scale Technology is simply bringing in the best of both worlds, merging power with innovation while maintaining cloud-like simplicity. This wat, IBM Power customers benefit from Nutanix’s comprehensive data services that eliminate the need for standalone storage systems, plus native virtualization, networking services, system-wide self-healing and one-click operations.

Many enterprise IT organizations have designed, built, and maintained tier one Mission-Critical applications on IBM Power Systems, separated from most of their workloads. This cost reduction approach has led to compromising simplicity by creating different silos in the same datacenter, adding up to management complexity. By deploying IBM’s hyperconverged servers, an IT organization can now run that their Mission-Critical applications on the same hardware as the less demanding workloads, leading to real TCO savings through server consolidation and “single pane of glass” management.

  • Easily scale without limits

Pay as you grow by starting small and scaling your infrastructure as needed by adding nodes one at a time. Add performance and capacity only when you need it – eliminating costly overprovisioning.

  • Lower data center costs

Increase utilization without sacrificing performance. Reduce hypervisor licensing costs with Nutanix AHV. Free yourself of the need for specialized IT skills.

  • Eliminate expensive and complex SANs

Do away with the cost and complexity of storage arrays and networks. Simplify your datacenter using built-in storage resources.

  • Bring new workloads to deployments

Get advanced cognitive workloads: machine learning and AI, as well as mission-critical workloads like databases, large scale data warehouses, web infrastructure and mainstream enterprise apps.

  • Faster Time-To-Market

IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix bridge the efficiency and performance gaps between enterprise datacenters and public clouds. Drive faster time-to-market for important IT initiatives, delivering benefits that were once only possible with public clouds.

IBM and Nutanix have partnered to deliver the industry’s first hyperconverged platform on the POWER architecture. Using IBM’s scale out servers as the underlying platform, IBM is shipping two hyperconverged platforms:

  • CS821 is a single node system based on the IBM S821LC platform. This 1 rack unit high server is designed for high-density virtualization and middleware. It’s also a solid building block for private cloud.

  • CS822 is also a single node system based on the IBM S822LC platform. This 2-rack unit high server is aimed at higher performance workloads such as enterprise databases and tier one mission-critical applications.