Deliver Windows business applications to any device while enhancing data security, reducing costs and empowering user productivity.

XenApp is the industry’s leading solution for application and desktop delivery, with over 100 million users worldwide. XenApp enables secure, remote access to Windows applications and server desktops from any device, over any network. Applications and desktops are secured in the datacenter to protect sensitive information and enhance corporate security. XenApp now enables employees to access Linux virtual desktops side-by-side with Windows resources for a complete workspace experience

Why XenApp?


Adaptive to changing business needs. XenApp can address a broad range of use cases by delivering a full desktop or just applications based on an individual employee’s role or device. A rich set of capabilities and flexible architecture enable IT to be more agile in a rapidly changing workplace


Secure by design. XenApp reduces the risk of data loss and prevents unwanted intrusions by securely delivering access to business applications on demand to any user based on location and device specific features and security configurations

User experience

High-definition experience (HDX) from any device. HDX technology delivers a superior, high-definition user experience on any device. HDX goes beyond any competing solution, ensuring employees have a native-like experience wherever they are, even when network connections are less than ideal.


Complete app and desktop virtualization for the mobile workforce.

  • Citrix® XenDesktop® delivers Windows apps and desktops as secure mobile services. With XenDesktop, IT can mobilize the business, while reducing costs by centralizing control and security for intellectual property. Incorporating the full power of XenApp®.
  • XenDesktop can deliver full desktops or just the apps to any device. HDX® technologies enable XenDesktop to deliver a native touch enabled look-and-feel that is optimized for the type of device, as well as the networkBenefits and Features

Benefits and Features

  • Comprehensive app and desktop virtualization to deliver any use case.

Meet the demands of any users with a robust platform that streamlines operations and reduces deployment costs by as much as 30% with flexible delivery options.

  • Empower employee productivity by working anywhere

App compatibility using 5 generations of Windows apps seamlessly, instantly “mobilizing” Windows corporate applications for use on any unsecured, unmanaged tablets and smartphones.

  • Empower employees with choice

Increase employee satisfaction, productivity, employee retention and recruiting while reducing the costs of employee onboarding and exits by delivering apps and desktops as an on-demand service that is provisioned in real time rather than hours of labor required to prepare traditional hardware

  • Decrease risk of data loss while securing corporate access

Secure the organization against data loss of intellectual property and sensitive private information through centralization of applications and keeping all data in the datacenter, simplifying security compliance and data protection through new security certifications.

  • Reduce cost and complexity of application and desktop management

Dramatically reduce storage and application management costs with innovative single image provisioning technology that obliterates the need for expensive, shared storage while streamlining application deployment and lifecycle management processes by eliminating the need to manage and patch individual systems.