This consultative service will diagnose the operation of your existing Citrix (XenApp or XenDesktop) server farm and provide you with a clear set of recommendations for its optimization in a short duration.

The service is focused on the needs of the manager accountable for the delivery of an effective and efficient Citrix platform.
A Citrix Environment Health Check ensures your server farm is working effectively, is scalable and reliable, and gives you the confidence to further develop your environment to meet ongoing business objectives and user requirements.

eSky IT uses a structured methodology to audit server farm configuration, Citrix infrastructure services, and management procedures, resulting in a comprehensive analysis providing you with a written set of recommended improvements and best practices.

If your Citrix farm was implemented more than 18 months ago then you are expected to benefit from this service.

Citrix Health Check will ensure that your server farm is reliable, working efficiently, scalable, and optimized, providing you with the benefits you invested for and is still fit to meet your organization’s planned and expected requirements.


Use this service to:

  • Troubleshoot your problems.
  • Prepare for a trouble-free platform upgrade.
  • As part of your service enhancement program.

No one understands Citrix better than eSkyIT.


eSky IT’ Citrix knowledge is complemented by in-depth experience. As well as advising on and implementing the technology, as a managed service provider, ESky IT is actively involved in managing it. The people at eSky IT have been working closely with Citrix for many years, successfully delivering Citrix Health Checks throughout the way.

Our team are trained in a number of CITRIX products and hold the highest level certifications for Citrix solutions.