Our Company

Established in 2013, eSky IT has cultivated a strong presence in Egypt and the Middle East region, propelled by its exceptional service record, collaborative partnerships, innovation, and commitment to corporate responsibility. With an extensive clientele of Egyptian and multinational organizations in the IT sector, eSky IT proudly asserts itself as the foremost and largest provider of cloud computing solutions and services in the region.

 Our customer interactions are rooted in meticulous analysis, aiming to achieve utmost satisfaction and unwavering stability by precisely understanding their unique requirements and providing timely and comprehensive support. This customer-centric approach guarantees unparalleled service, enabling our clients to optimize their IT operational costs effectively.

 At eSky IT, our fundamental business philosophy revolves around delivering precisely what our customers need, precisely when they need it, consistently exceeding their expectations. Our primary objective is to foster robust relationships with our clients, built on trust, business ethics, and integrity.

Our Main Goal

To build strong relationships with customers based on trust with respect to business ethics and integrity.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of cloud computing solutions and services in the region. Through constant enhancement and expansion of our product portfolio, we ensure innovation and meet evolving customer needs. We empower businesses to harness the full potential of the cloud, enabling them to thrive in a digital world. With unwavering commitment, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive success and transformation for our valued clients.

Our Mission

Our success hinges on our exceptional team, who drive us as pioneers in the cloud era. We prioritize their growth through training, certification, and expanding technical expertise. This enables us to consistently deliver superior quality cloud services, aligned with customer expectations and leveraging relevant technologies. Together, we forge a path of innovation and excellence in the evolving realm of cloud computing.

Our Customers