ExaGrid is a data storage company that specializes in backup and recovery solutions. Its products are designed to provide efficient and scalable backup storage for organizations of various sizes. ExaGrid's unique architecture, known as "scale-out backup storage," allows for seamless expansion as data grows, ensuring high-performance backup and recovery operations.

Key features of ExaGrid's backup and recovery solutions include:

- Scale-Out Architecture: ExaGrid's scale-out architecture allows organizations to add storage nodes as needed, enabling easy and cost-effective scalability to accommodate growing data requirements.

- Deduplication: ExaGrid utilizes data deduplication technology to reduce the storage footprint of backup data. Deduplication optimizes storage capacity by eliminating duplicate data across multiple backup sets.

- Landing Zone: ExaGrid's systems feature a landing zone for incoming backups, ensuring the fastest backup performance. Backups land in their full, unduplicated form for rapid recovery, and deduplication occurs in the background for efficient storage utilization.

Tiered Backup Storage: ExaGrid provides a tiered storage approach, combining high-performance landing zones for recent backups with deduplicated long-term retention storage for older backups. This enables fast restores for recent data while maintaining cost-effective long-term retention.

Adaptive Deduplication: ExaGrid's adaptive deduplication allows for seamless data growth by providing predictable backup times regardless of data expansion.

Data Verification: ExaGrid ensures data integrity by automatically verifying the data during backups and after deduplication to detect and correct any issues.

Integration with Leading Backup Applications: ExaGrid's solutions seamlessly integrate with various leading backup applications, including Veeam, Veritas NetBackup, Commvault, and more.

Instant VM Recovery: ExaGrid supports instant VM recovery, allowing virtual machines (VMs) to be quickly powered on directly from the backup storage, reducing downtime and improving recovery time objectives (RTOs).


ExaGrid's product lineup includes a range of backup appliances to suit different organizational needs:

EX Series: These appliances are designed for small to mid-sized organizations and branch offices.

EXa Series: These appliances are built for mid-sized to large organizations and provide higher capacity and performance.

EX Series-V: This virtualized appliance runs on VMware and Hyper-V, offering backup storage for virtualized environments.


ExaGrid's backup and recovery solutions are used by enterprises, government agencies, and other organizations looking for scalable and efficient data protection solutions that minimize backup windows, accelerate recovery times, and optimize storage utilization.