We’re proud to announce that eSkyIT has been awarded the Gold Business Partner status, after 2 years of our partnership with IBM. We’ve been working with IBM, providing a full range of Hardware and business solutions using various technologies including IBM’s. We’re proud of this accomplishment and looking forward to the attainment of more achievements


 A new era in technology. A new era in business. A new era in thinking.

 eSkyIT & IBM ensure our customers are enabled to meet today business needs of greater globalization, digitization and mobilization of business. eSkyIT and IBM are ensuring customers and their users are enabled for today's digital world and not encumbered by IT. Through the alignment of our strategies and focus, our partnership continues to strengthen, ensuring that we deliver increasing value to our customers


 - Expertise across entire IBM technology portfolio (Hardware, Software, Services)

- Elite Specialty Power and Storage Partner

- Centre of Technical Excellence

- Certification across the whole IBM Portfolio

Making the most of new technologies and aligning IT with your business needs enables you to conquer ever-evolving business challenges

We help you set a digital vision, apply new technologies in a smarter way, and re-engineer a streamlined process to boost your performance and achieve optimum outcomes


 eSkyIT & IBM transform challenges placed on IT into opportunities with software-defined, hybrid cloud, data insights, security, open standards, and mainframe solutions. A software-defined environment enabling organizations to access and process any type of data, on any storage device, anywhere. The next-generation data center responds to disruptive change. A resource-smart, workload-aware infrastructure that can anticipate changing demand and respond with incredible speed.