Nutanix Objects is an object storage solution designed to provide scalable and cost-effective storage for unstructured data, such as files, images, videos, and backups. It is part of the Nutanix Cloud Platform and is built on the same architecture as Nutanix HCI, allowing organizations to integrate object storage seamlessly with their existing Nutanix infrastructure.

Key features of Nutanix Objects include:

- Scalability: Nutanix Objects offers linear scalability, allowing organizations to easily expand storage capacity as their data grows. It supports massive amounts of data without compromising performance.

- S3-Compatible API: Nutanix Objects is built with an S3-compatible API, making it compatible with the Amazon S3 API. This enables seamless integration with applications and services that use the S3 protocol.

- Global Data Distribution: Nutanix Objects supports global data distribution, allowing organizations to replicate and distribute data across multiple locations for data protection, disaster recovery, and content delivery purposes.

- Data Tiering: Nutanix Objects supports automated data tiering, allowing organizations to store frequently accessed data on high-performance storage tiers and less frequently accessed data on lower-cost tiers.

- Data Protection: Nutanix Objects offers data protection features such as erasure coding and replication to ensure data durability and availability in the event of hardware failures.

- Integrated Management: Nutanix Objects is managed through the same Prism management interface used for Nutanix HCI. This provides a unified management experience for both object storage and HCI resources.

- Cost Efficiency: Nutanix Objects helps organizations reduce storage costs by using commodity hardware and optimizing data storage. Its scalability and data tiering capabilities contribute to efficient storage utilization.

- Use Cases: Nutanix Objects is suitable for a variety of use cases, including backup and archiving, content distribution, data analytics, media storage, and more.

- Integration with Nutanix Services: Nutanix Objects can be integrated with other Nutanix services and products, such as Nutanix Files (for file-based storage) and Nutanix Flow (for network security and microsegmentation).

- Comprehensive Ecosystem: Nutanix Objects can integrate with third-party applications and tools through its S3-compatible API, allowing organizations to leverage a wide range of data management and analytics solutions.

Nutanix Objects is designed to provide organizations with a flexible and scalable object storage solution that aligns with modern data storage requirements. Its integration with the Nutanix Cloud Platform and its compatibility with the S3 API make it a valuable choice for organizations looking to store, manage, and protect large volumes of unstructured data.