Nutanix Calm is an application automation and management platform designed to simplify and streamline the process of deploying and managing applications across various cloud environments. It focuses on providing self-service and automation capabilities to enable organizations to create, manage, and orchestrate applications and their associated infrastructure efficiently.

Key features of Nutanix Calm include:

- Application Blueprinting: Nutanix Calm allows administrators to define application blueprints, which encapsulate all the necessary components and configurations required for an application to run. These blueprints serve as templates for consistent and repeatable deployments.

- Self-Service Portal: Calm provides a self-service portal where users, including developers and application owners, can browse and request pre-defined application blueprints. This reduces the dependency on IT teams for provisioning and deployment.

- Multi-Cloud Deployment: Nutanix Calm supports deploying applications across various cloud environments, including private clouds, public clouds (such as AWS, Azure, and GCP), and hybrid clouds. This offers flexibility and avoids vendor lock-in.

- Application Lifecycle Management: Calm manages the entire lifecycle of applications, including provisioning, scaling, updating, and decommissioning. It ensures applications remain up to date and properly maintained.

- Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Nutanix Calm allows administrators to define application blueprints using infrastructure as code (IaC) principles. This ensures consistency and version control while automating deployment processes.

- Integration with Nutanix HCI: Calm integrates with the Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), enabling organizations to manage applications and their infrastructure through a unified interface.

- Application Marketplace: Calm offers an application marketplace where administrators can share and discover pre-built application blueprints. This accelerates application deployment by leveraging community-contributed blueprints.

- Automated Scaling: Nutanix Calm supports auto-scaling of applications based on demand. It can dynamically increase or decrease resources to match application requirements.

- Policy-Based Automation: Calm enables policy-based automation by allowing administrators to define rules and policies for application deployment, scaling, and management.

- Day 2 Operations: In addition to deployment, Nutanix Calm supports ongoing operations such as application updates, patching, and troubleshooting.

- Integration with Third-Party Tools: Calm can integrate with third-party configuration management tools, monitoring solutions, and IT service management platforms to enhance its capabilities.

Nutanix Calm simplifies application deployment, management, and automation, promoting IT agility and reducing manual intervention. It aligns with the principles of DevOps and infrastructure as code, enabling organizations to achieve faster application delivery and improved resource utilization across multi-cloud environments.